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Kritter Keepers Open for Business!

I am crazy for animals!  I always wanted to have a career working with animals and vascillated between zookeeper and veterinarian…or veterinarian and marine biologist…or marine biologist and dog trainer.  As a young girl, I had animal trading cards that I memorized every detail of every animal.  Who didn’t love a capybara, worlds largest rodent, of South America?

My house was filled with multiple cats, dogs, hamsters, fish and even a turtle or two.  When I went to college I had a black lab, a Siamese cat, and a miniature rabbit with me.  There was a short time in my life when I didn’t have a pet but I was very unhappy and rectified my living situation as soon as possible.

I have had some rich experiences looking after animals.  I have many years of experience volunteering at animal shelters, rescues and horse farms.  I’ve witnessed several operations including the neutering of a doberman pinscher and the gelding of several stallions.  I had to give my little kitty a modified Heimlich maneuver when he got into the garbage and choked on a chicken bone.  I’ve sat in the Georgia heat trying to coax a stray dog to me for more than an hour.  I gave my beloved lab Murphy insulin shots in the morning and the night for over seven years of her life (RIP Murphy!).

My point is I have a lot of experience with animals.  So opening up Kritter Keepers is the first step for me to re-capture my dream to work with animals.  I don’t want to work with any animals…I want to work with your animals.  I want to love them and take care of them so you can leave without guilt and worry, whether it is just during the day for work or it’s a week on vacation.Image