Better to Ask for Forgiveness Later?

kibbles and bits

The last words my husband yelled to me from under the covers on Saturday morning as I was leaving to go volunteer at my rescue’s Adoption Day is “Don’t bring home a new foster!”  In my brain I meant to be compliant to this request…until I didn’t.  Then my brain went into overdrive thinking in terms of technicalities.  I wasn’t actually bringing home A foster…I was bringing home two!  And I wasn’t going to the grocery store as requested.  Technically that was really three strikes.  To make matters worse, we have a “guest” who is staying with us for the weekend while his Mom and Grandma are at a wedding…he is our previous foster Rocky. In addition, we have our own crazy girls Viola, Phoebe, Bailey and Sophie who always live here and are often in some sort of argument with each other as is often the case when you have all girls.  To say we had a full house is an understatement.

Introductions were a little stressful because by the time I got home with the Wonder Twins, the skies had opened up and it had poured.  In my backyard, when it pours, we have a small rivulet that runs through our back yard.  And of course, here in Georgia, we are known for our Georgia Red Clay so add that together with seven dogs running around trying to network (that is a fancy way to say smelling butts) it was a bit of a free for all.  The girls actually seemed to like Kibbles and Bits and our old lady, Viola, was engaging in play with them.

Viola’s idea of play is what we call the steam roll.  She plops down and tries to capture part of the dog under her and rolls on top of them.  The Wonder Twins were too fast for her though and they danced around her while she shucked around on her back.  Even Bailey, the girl with cancer and who really doesn’t like many other dogs or people, engaged them in play.

Andy, of course, was very grumpy I brought these one-year-old Jack Russell mixes home so I’m sure he decided he wasn’t going to like them.  Kibbles, the boy, however, had other plans.  He immediately decided this was a people he wanted to know better, so what better way than to give kisses?  Every time Andy looked at him, Kibbles thought it was an invitation to give him a kiss.  And when he wasn’t kissing Andy, he was laying by his feet waiting for Andy to give the signal to kiss him.

Bits, on the other hand, has made herself quite at home and has taken up the spot next to me in my chair.  I’m glad the Wonder Twins didn’t double team him with their licky tongues. So, all is well in the Litt Palace of Puppy Love.  I know Andy feels like I bulldoze over him but sometimes he’s a stick-his-big-toe-in-the-pool kind of guy and I’m a cannonballer so I say that it is sometimes better to ask for forgiveness later and act now.  Usually it is not as bad as he feared.

3 thoughts on “Better to Ask for Forgiveness Later?

  1. PigLove

    Oh how adorable!! Uh oh- you live in Georgia with us. This is not good. Mom might get ideas about bringing in another baby to the Hotel Thompson. 🙂 XOXO – Bacon



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