Saving Beatrice Part II

SSPX0035After Bea had been on heart worm preventative for a few months we started the treatment for the heartworms.  I know that doesn’t sound right — why be on preventative when you already have it.  Well the easy answer is so that it doesn’t get worse.  It takes about six months for the larvae to mature and show up as heartworm so what if you did the heartworm treatment and then three months later she tests positive again for heartworm?  In any case, we were not in a big rush to do the treatment on her.

It is not a pretty treatment and the needles that are used to insert the arsenic-based treatment are painful for the animals.  Beatrice handled the treatment with no complaints.  The eight weeks in a crate virtually 24/7 while the treatment did its thing did not cause Beatrice to make a single whine.  She came through the treatment wonderfully.  The cost was huge for us…only married a few years and getting established in our careers, we were living pretty paycheck to paycheck but we invested in Beatrice and found a way to do this for her.

Murphy and Riley, our pair of chocolate labs were so curious about Beatrice.  They didn’t understand why she was crated.  When the day finally came that she could be free, the three of them acted like they had been together forever!  They ran from one end of the yard to the next chasing each other.  I will always remember that day because it was the first day Bea had the run of the house like the other dogs.  We were having movie night and my younger brother came over.  He brought some good ole KFC with him.  We were eating in the lving room and had the chicken bucket and sides out.  Murphy and Riley knew that area was forbidden to them but Bea just walked over and took a chicken leg right off my brother’s plate!  She was none too happy to give it back either.

As Beatrice was recovering we saw some interesting characteristics come out.  For instance, she absolutely hated the UPS man.  He looked like Mr. Spacely from the Jetsons.  If we had a package — even if it needed to be signed for — he would run up to the front stoop, put the package down and run away because he was convinced that she would come through the side glass around the door.  My friend thought Bea used the glass to hold up her lips so everyone could see her sharp teeth.

Charming Bea

Charming Bea

Once she was introduced to a new person in her house, she usually ignored you.  It wasn’t that she was passing judgement on you.  She only liked her people and was indifferent about the rest, mostly.

One day we had some people over.  She hated when someone sat on her part of the couch. She would sit in front of you glaring until you got up and she would reclaim her couch.  This time, however, Ryan was sitting on the opposite side of the couch and Beatrice had reclaimed her cushion.  After a nap, Bea stood up sleepily and stretched and then walked over to Ryan and cuddled into his side, something she did quite frequently with her humans.  I said I had never seen her do that with an outsider and Ryan reached his arm around her and snuggled her closer and said, “Oh Beatrice and I are buddies!”  As soon as she heard his voice and realized he was not one of her humans she launched into attack mode and got right in his face with a warning growl.  I really think he peed a little in his pants!

The neighborhood kids were afraid of her too and once she got out of the gated back yard, the kids would scatter yelling, “Beastrice is loose!  Beastrice is loose!”

To us though, she was just Bea and she was wonderful!

3 thoughts on “Saving Beatrice Part II

  1. easyweimaraner

    Beastrice is loose… oh, kids…. Beatrice I’m so glad you found a good home – and I hate the post-guy too, because he is a disguised hit man, but only you and me are informed about this conspiracy :o)



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