The Ecosystem of the Dog Park

Kibbles the foster pup

Kibbles the foster pup

Kibbles, my foster dog, did not get adopted today.  He was very patient waiting for someone special to come and fall in love with him.  How can you not love that face?  He’s an incredibly sweet puppy with lots of energy.  I did not work the adoptions today so when I came to get him, he was very excited to see me.  So I told him we could get a toy (our adoptions are at PetSmart).  We walked down the toy aisle and he immediately went for a fuzzy fox that had the recycled water bottle in the body so it made a crunchy noise.  He proudly walked it up to the cash register where it was scanned and paid for and then he promptly lost interest in it once we had the receipt! Of course I didn’t even think to get the phone out to take a picture of him carrying the toy or holding it for the cashier to scan.

Knowing he was a pent up ball of energy from his day of adoptions, I took him to the dog park.  This pup loves all dogs – big or small!  He immediately introduced himself to all the dogs in the dog park.  For some reason all the dogs were on the small dog side.  Sometimes, I think we need to take a lesson from the dogs — have a sniff, run around and make no judgements of each other.  But boy, at the dog park, you meet all kinds!

Like the guy who thought it was OK to bring an eight-week old puppy to a dog park…”I haven’t heard of any issues with this dog park BUT you know a puppy that young you really shouldn’t expose to dogs you don’t know in a place like a dog park because you don’t know what the other dogs could be carrying that could really harm your puppy.”

Or the lady who has a five-month old poodle she just bought from Petland…”Such a cute pup but you know there’s a great application called Petfinder that you can look for rescues if you have a particular breed you are looking for!”

Then there is the lady who knows all the dogs’ names and tells the other dog owners that her dog is “just playing” when he makes the other dogs yelp.

Kibbles didn’t care where anybody came from or if anyone should be there or not.  He greeted and played with every single dog in the park. No judgements Just pure doggy fun!

If you are interested in adopting Kibbles, please go to our website,

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