Woes of an Animal Rescuer

Last night as I was driving home from a meeting, I spotted a dog running along a very busy road by the local elementary school.  It looked very scared looking and was running with its tail down. I made a quick u-turn and headed back to the elementary school.  The dog was still in the vicinity.  I put my car in park, turned off the engine and got out of the car.


And…quickly got back in the car when I realized that the dog was really a coyote!  This is not the first time I tried to “rescue” a coyote.  While I don’t live in an extremely rural area I am surprised by the abundance of coyotes we have.  I live in a suburb of Atlanta.  I always thought coyotes were an out west kind of species but here in Georgia we have coyotes in every county in the state.

I have had several wild animal encounters over the years. When I first moved to Acworth I swore I saw a bear.  No one believed me and then a few days later, a bear was seen running down the main street of our subdivision.  We’ve had foxes in the same elementary school as where I saw the coyote.  But the story that amuses my friends the most is me versus the squirrel.

I was driving home from work one day when one of those suicidal squirrels ran into the street.  I was horrified.  My heart was broken.  But in my rear view mirror I saw that the squirrel was still alive so I stopped my car, got out and scooped him up.  I gently laid him on the passenger side of the car and headed toward the emergency vet’s office.  Evidently the squirrel was just knocked out because about halfway to the office, the squirrel woke up.  He started to do laps around the inside of my car and with every step he took he pooped and peed.  I was determined to get him to the vet but I was petrified he was going to launch himself onto my face.


At this point I was closer to home then I was to the vet so since Mr. Squirrel was so alive, I decided I would go home and get a shoe box because I was absolutely going to get this squirrel to a vet!  He was not going to die on my watch…although he was very much alive and running in my car.

I finally made it to my house and ran inside, leaving the squirrel trapped in the car.  Luckily I had a shoe box that was about to go into recycling so I punched some breathing holes in the lid and went back out to the car.  Mr. S looked at me, looked at the box and looked back at me in a taunting manner.  There was no way he was going willingly into the box.  After about 45 minutes of trying to trap him in between the lid and the box bottom I gave up and decided he could just live at my house.

Now, however, he wouldn’t get out of the car.  I had all the doors and the back hatch open.  He continued to run around the front and back seats leaving a trail of pee and poop.  Finally, he popped out the back of the car.  I was so relieved that he wasn’t dead!

I went into the house and was greeted by my three dogs who had to do the full body sniff as I was covered with squirrel pee!  Before I could go upstairs to take a shower, the dogs were going crazy at the back door that lead out to the deck and the back yard.  There, peering into the house through the french doors was Mr. Squirrel!  I swear he was yelling at me for taking him away from his squirrel family!

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