A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

IMG_1332One of the things i do for the rescue I work with, Mostly Mutts, is take pictures of our animals up for adoption. These pictures go on our website, on Facebook, on Petfinder.com and every other social media outlet we have.  A picture can make a potential adopter come to adoptions or make someone fill out an application for one of our dogs.

As a pet photographer I have a lot of tools I use to take a good picture including dog toys that squeek or crackle, clickers, treats and now I have a special photo app on my IPhone!  The picture of Augustine above with the perfect head cock was after I used the Pose A Pet I phone application.  I have an older Iphone so the pictures are not great, however I can use this application to make a quirky noise and use my Cannon 7D to take a good picture.

IMG_1105 The application is free and has all the sounds you see here. You can also pay $1.99 and get a lot more sounds.  I have got back my $1.99 and more from this app!

By the way, this is totally an unsolicited review — I don’t know anyone who built this application or makes money on this application!

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