How Can Twitter Help Pet Parents…

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I admit, up until a few weeks ago, I did not know how to “Tweet” and what the hashtag (#) was all about.  I knew I had a Twitter account.  I knew that people younger than me used it as a communication vehicle but I didn’t know how to use it or what value it had to me trying to get information to all the pet parents of the world.  And for those of you who don’t like pet parents, let me rephrase and say pet owners of the world.

Generally the only thing I used Twitter for to tweet out my blog posts into the webasphere.  I didn’t know who that was going to because I don’t think I had any followers but I had made the account so I was going to tweet darn it.  But my first tweets were without hashtags, or if you are old-fashioned like me, pound signs.

So let me tell you a little about the hashtag and its value on twitter and now even Facebook.  Twitter is an extremely fast-paced environment.  Perfect for the people who have a little touch of the ADD and go quickly from subject to subject.  Think of the hashtag of a mini search engine.  I almost always put a #kritterkeepers on my posts so if you were to go to Twitter and see what things did I post and did a search for #kritterkeepers, you would pull up all the Tweets.  If I post a cute dog picture, I use the hashtag #cutedog.  If I post a cute picture of Sophie I use the hashtags #cutedog, #sophiedog.

Twitter is a great way to get information out their but you need to be a little diligent about tweeting  One tweet on the subject might be missed but if you repeat the Tweet throughout the day, you can get your point across.

Then there are these gatherings of like minded people on Twitter.  I stumbled across one on pet dental health sponsored by Greenies and boy did I get some fantastic information from a Vet Dentist about tooth health.  Look for a future blog on that while I gather all my info.  I’ve got some great links to videos on tooth brushing and all sorts of info on cat and dog teeth health in general.

So, I’m trying to embrace new technologies to reach a broader audience.  Our pets are our family members and I want to share with other furkid parents what I’ve learned in my 30 + years of adult pet ownership, training, and caring for our mostly four-legged family members.

I hope this was helpful to people who are a little afraid of Twitter as I was.  I think it can be a valuable resource!

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