Foster Record May Be in Danger!

Kibbles the foster pup

Oh, is this your seat?

Kibbles is still with us.  I think we’ve had him for about two months now, maybe longer because he had some weeks of sickness that we didn’t even take him in for adoptions.  He feels like my dog.  He acts like my dog.  He is dangerous.

He is dangerously cute and dangerously loving.  And he so hates going to adoptions!  Have I mentioned he is insanely smart?  He enjoys chasing the laser pointer (part cat maybe?) but the other day he figured out that the little red dot on the floor that is not attached to anything is controlled by my hand!  How many dogs would but that together?  I’ve been playing with laser pointers with my lab, Phoebe, for years and she still doesn’t even know that I am controlling that red dot.  (NOTE:  I am very, very careful about where I point the laser and never at their eyes!)

He comes with me to client mid-day walkies because he has never met a dog he doesn’t like and with all his energy he definitely needs the additional walks!  Our latest client, Yogi, is about the same age as him and they have a ball together wrestling and playing.

We just started clicker training and he is becoming a gifted student…of course he’s very food motivated!  Life with Kibbles is good but there are some down sides too.  He has definitely entered the “adolescent” stage of life.  EVERYTHING goes in his mouth — nail clippers, glasses, shoes, napkins, other dogs, toes, paper of any kind, batteries, paintbrushes, remote controls.  Anything that is on a table is not safe because he stands on his back legs and stretches until he can reach it.  The other morning he came tearing downstairs from the bedroom with a rectangular thing in his mouth.  He took Andy’s phone out of the charging station on his nightstand.

The adolescent stage of life is the most challenging time for dog owners.  These four-legged teenagers don’t understand words like “because I said so.”  They want to see what they can get away with so consistency in training is very necessary, even if it is your 27th time taking the remote away from him and giving him a more appropriate toy to chew. How you handle your adolescent pup today is going to shape him the rest of his life.  Just like human teenagers, they will grow out of it!

Kibbles, or Kibbie Coo Coo as we call him, still waits for his furever home.  My friend Eileen, also a volunteer at Mostly Mutts, thinks it is because he has already found his furever home at the Litt Palace of Puppy Love.  I sort of agree with her but if that is the case, the Palace will need to shut down temporarily for new fosters.  Unfortunately for Kibbie, the other half of the Litt Palace doesn’t agree yet so we continue to go to adoptions.  I bravely tout his qualities to potential adopters.  He always acts on his best behavior and let’s face it, he’s adorable.  But along with the good, we must give full disclosure and when I emphasize he is still a puppy and still puts everything in his mouth people tend to shy away.  What do you think?

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