A Cure for Sheddy McShed Shed?

Beautiful elderlab Viola has a big problem twice a year in the spring and the fall.  She becomes Sheddy McShed Shed and on a daily basis I pick up at least a Yorkie dog worth of hair.  In the spring it is worse and I would say she drops at least two Pom pups a day with the annual shedding of her undercoat.  I can pick out full tufts or clumps of her undercoat emerging through her top coat.  She hates it when I pick at her.

Sheddy McShed Shed

Sheddy McShed Shed

I have all the shedder tools ever developed and some do their job better than others.  Not sure what the ionic brush is supposed to do but it is a favorite because it is so easy to clean and I feel like something positive is happening because the little red light is on!  Having a multiple dog household means that when we do husbandry things it is a free for all because I’m not so disciplined to go someplace else and do one dog at a time.  Actually that is a really good idea but my girls are somewhat panicked if I don’t do the group thing.  You see, I work from home and most of them hang out with me 24/7 unless I’m at a pet sitting, dog walking or training client’s house.  And even then, sometimes, one or two of them get to hang with me there because some of my clients love the dog-on-dog interactions.

But having all these dogs and my foster(s) really puts a big wear and tear on my house and I’m so busy all the time I have limited time for cleaning activities. Not to mention I don’t really enjoy cleaning activities like some other folks I know who use cleaning as a stress reliever – really!  I’d like to introduce them to chocolate personally.  When I find a tool that makes me want to vacuum, well I really need to tell the world about it!

So I’d like to introduce you to my little friend, the Dyson Animal DC 50.  It’s one of those ball action vacuums.  And even though my carpeting has seen way better days, it makes those cool carpet cleaning lines!  I can’t believe the stuff it picks up!  Of course you can see everything in the clear cylinder that holds all the dirt and dog hair and toy stuffing and chewed up rope pieces and leaves that have been drug in from the outside.  The suction is incredible – per the Dyson commercials on TV.

By the way, I have no affiliation with Dyson other than I’m totally obsessed and want one of everything.  They are not paying me anything BUT if they happen to see this blog, I would love a Dyson no blade fan/heater thingy.  No really, they aren’t paying but I want to give you my honest opinion on this appliance.

I LOVE it!!! It is so lightweight and it maneuvers really easily. I love this new design which allows me to move from carpeting to hard floors without stopping to change setting.  The one thing that I don’t like is that the dirt catch bucket is smaller than previous designs so that means that I have to empty it more often.  And, it’s purple which of course is my favorite color!

What appliances make your life easier?

The Dyson DC-50

The Dyson DC-50: Look at all that dog hair!

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