I’ve got a Bosjin Fieloxer!

I love fostering! Sometimes I’ll only get a dog or puppy overnight until they go to a new foster. Sometimes my fosters live in the IMG_1696Litt Palace of Puppy Love (LPPL) for several months. Then there is Oscar, a young Lab/Pit that came to the LPPL last year right after tax day 2014. I had him for about a week and then due to a family emergency, I had to give him back to the Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue shelter and head up to New York. A month later, I was back in Acworth and Oscar was still in the shelter. He had a few behavioral issues and hadn’t shown well at adoption events.

The day I got home, I called the Mostly Mutts director and told her I was taking Oscar back. I had just left my husband up in New York for who knows how long. I was sad and lonely for him and Oscar was so comforting. He was happy to come back to the LPPL. That was May 2014 and he’s still with me.

Enjoy this video I’ve prepared called Black Dog. I made this last summer after having him for a few months.  He had so many strikes against him – big, black dog that has Pit in him.  But I really thought he had more Boxer in him.

I have Labs and I’ve had Pits and Oscar did not seem like either to me so this fall, I decided to give Oscar a DNA test.  Guess what? No Lab and no Pit in him!  His DNA profile was extremely unusual for a “mixed” breed.  I love genetics and if you’ve followed me for long, I’ve written before about DNA tests.  Bailey, my All-American-Mixed Breed, did not have any specific DNA sets for her parents, grandparents or great grandparents but she did have trace DNA of a Boston Terrier, Belgium Tervuren Shepard and Rottweiler.

Oscar however had a very specific DNA reading for his Great Grandparents and therefore his Grandparents and his parents.  Bottom Line is his Great Grandparents were Boston Terriers, Korean Jindo dogs, Field Spaniels and Boxers.  This means he is 25% of each…a Bosjin Fieloxer!

Oscar - BoBoFielJinFor a black dog up for adoption that has the dreaded “Pit” in his description, this DNA report is very important.  Since we’ve updated his profile, he’s had a lot more interest in him.  I don’t bring him to adoptions every week but he’s been really good when I do.

Knowing his DNA make up makes me understand some of his behaviors and needs.  It helps me to understand what kinds of doggie sports we should focus on and he’s a quick learner too!  At this point, I can’t imagine my life without Oscar but I’m willing to consider all homes.  He needs a place that will challenge him, keep him occupied through training protocols and activities but most of all he needs a place that will love him!

If you are interested in fostering or adopting any of our dogs, please check out our website: www.mostlymutts.org



3 thoughts on “I’ve got a Bosjin Fieloxer!

  1. easyweimaraner

    That was interesting to read… the DNA can be surprising sometimes. I like Oscr’s … that means you get 4 dogs in one… that’s a super deal ! And I learnt something while reading: a Jindo is a super interesting hunting breed :o) thanks :o)

    Liked by 1 person


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