Torture is six weeks away from the royal family…


See mom? Everyone can learn a new trick!

I’m leaving on Saturday to drive up to New Jersey for a six week dog training extravaganza!  I’ll be staying in a dorm which will be different.  I stayed in a dorm overnight and then went and got an off campus apartment way back when I was still considered a teen.  My training program is being held at St. Hubert’s Animal Sanctuary and we will be using shelter dogs which is great.  I’m hoping I can utilize some of the logistics of the program to set up our own volunteer training program (i.e., teaching volunteers to train the dogs).

Staying in a dorm means no residents of the Litt Palace of Puppy Love (LPPL) can attend with me.  My previous dog training hands-on classes had you training on your own dog.  I’m glad to be able to help shelter dogs but six weeks without one or two or five bed warmers is a long time!!!! I think I will have terrible withdrawal issues from not having a dog curl into the curve of my sleeping body.

Because I’m staying in a dorm, I’ve had to think of a plethora of items I’ve got to take with me from bedding, towels, shower shoes to items that I can’t live without the comforts of like how do I watch my shows, Outlander and Game of Thrones, in a dorm?


Sophie carries her clothes in her own backpack!

But mostly I think, how can I smuggle a dog into the dorm room?  Oscar would be hard to camouflage but surely I can come up with a plan for Sophie?  She’s little and if I can travel with a dog, she’s usually the one I bring.  She even has her own luggage!  And her pup tent folds down and fits into my luggage.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of snuggle time with the residents of St. Hubert’s but I’m really going to miss my prince and princesses from the LPPL!

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