I’m driving in a Kia Soul…to the wilds of New Jersey

The title above should be sung to Leaving on a Jet Plane by the formidable John Denver.  Today, I’m embarking on my drive to dog training school!  I’ve made a list and checked it 1.5 times…I didn’t make it through the second check because a squirrel walked by while I was reviewing it!  Six weeks of classroom and hands-on training in New Jersey hosted at St. Hubert’s Animal Sanctuary.  I can’t wait to meet the dogs we are helping!



So Dirk and I are about to depart.  He’s loaded to the sunroof!  I’m staying in a dorm at St. Elizabeth’s College in Madison.  It’s a dry dorm.  But having only spent a single night in a dorm before getting an off-campus apartment in my college years, I’m just not sure what to expect! I have to bring my own linens and towels.  I packed every single pair of underwear I own!

I’m going to be six weeks without my own dogs…it will be ok during the day when I’m working with the shelter dogs but what about at night when I’m all snuggled in with everyone having to touch at least a part of me?  How am I going to sleep on a twin bed????

Maybe I’ll just lay the seats back in Dirk and sleep in the familiar with the sunroof open under the stars of…New Jersey?  New Jersey gets a bum rap but it is actually a very nice state.  i’ll be in central Jersey that has some very nice communities. I’m pretty sure I won’t see a lot.  I just got 11 emails from Amazon for all the books included in this course!

Last night I sat in the middle of piles of clean laundry and just didn’t know what to pack.  If I pack for cooler weather, it will be hot.  If I pack for GA weather, I’ll freeze. I know I’m just going to Jersey and they have stores there but I was having a major panic attack!  Of course, I feel this way anyway when I jump into the unknown.

More to come on the Adventures of a Dog Trainer in Jersey to come…today I just want to get at least half way there!

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