Day 1 and I’m still here!

st. Elizabeth home-backgroundDay one of class was fun! We got to meet each other and find out a little bit about each other. St. Hubert’s is beautiful and they do such good work there. Our classroom also holds about 35 bunnies that the Sanctuary is putting up. They are evidence in a lawsuit so I can’t take pictures or show you the set up. There were volunteers in and out cleaning cages, feeding and watering. Even when had some of the rescue dogs in the room with us, the bunnies didn’t make a peep!

We worked with 10 dogs today — mainly just observing and trying to guess what their genetic make up is.  Most of them were obvious pit mixes but unless we do a DNA test, it is anyone’s best guess.  One of my favorites from today was a white pit mix with brindle patches on his ears named Caesar.  There was definitely something else in there, maybe lab.  Another fav was Tiger who looked like a mastiff/boxer mix.  He was brindle and lived up to his name as he had tiger stripes.

My first dog we took out was named Faith.  She was a seal colored pit lady who looked like she had just had some puppies.  This girl was so sweet but was very anxious around the rabbits.  My partner and I were able to calm her a bit by taking her into a hallway away from the rabbits.  After a little head and neck massage, she calmed down enough to lay on the cool tile floor.  It was then that I knew I was in the right place at the right time.

Up until that moment, I must say I’ve been a little dubious.  St. Elizabeth’s campus is beautiful and has a college as well as a convent.  Dorm life is, well, different.  There is a reason why the young go away to college and not 50 year-old ladies.  First of all, I had to go to Target and buy a step stool to get up on the bed.  I’m deathly afraid of turning over and falling out of the bed.  No TV, no mini fridge…not even a curtain!  But I have an air conditioner, wifi, a bed and a desk and chair.  I also have a sink and vanity so I don’t have to go anywhere to brush my teeth.  I do have to walk across the hall the the showers and the toilet and the kitchen (not all in one place).

dorm roomYou don’t realize how plushy life is until you change your surroundings.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this and I know it will change my life!

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