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Oh The Dreaded Pibble

A Pibble will make you happy even when you don't want to be!

A Pibble will make you happy even when you don’t want to be!

Be afraid…be very afraid! I am pet sitting for some new clients, Gigi and Oscar.  They are Pibbles.  If you’ve never heard of a Pibble there are a few things you should know.

First, Pibbles don’t realize that they are 60 or 70 lbs of muscle.  They think they are actually Chihuahuas (and funny that Chihuahuas think they are Pibbles!) and should be in your lap, on your head, or someplace on your body.  See example below:

Here I am practicing my new career as a dog bed!

Here I am practicing my new career as a dog bed!

Second, they have mad cleaning skills.  If you have any dirt or food bits on you, a Pibble will hunt it down and clean you.  Their one weakness though is cleaning glasses.  It seems that Pibble juice just fogs glasses up instead of cleaning.  I’m very lucky to have Gigi and Oscar, otherwise I’d be walking around with food bits all over me!  Here is Oscar making sure I am presentable before leaving the house.

Oscar making sure there is no gradoo in my hair!

Oscar making sure there is no gradoo in my hair!

Third, Pibbles are very polite even when they don’t want to do something.  For instance, Gigi did not want to go to bed in her crate last night.  Oscar was a good boy and went right into his crate but Gigi wanted to stay up.  Instead of running away, Gigi did a little bow and asked pretty please could she stay up.  I was sad to say no but I had to get home to the Litt Palace of Puppy Love and give some love to my girls whom I hadn’t seen all day.

Please may I stay up?

Please may I stay up?

In conclusion, beware of Pibbles.  Their tongues are wet.  Their love is plentiful.  And their adorability factor let’s them get away with stuff like using you as a dog bed!

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month.  Pibbles are one of the most plentiful breeds in shelters and have the highest kill rate.  Oscar and Gigi are both rescues and live happily with their family.  Love the dog first no matter the breed!

Is A Growl Always A Signal for Aggression

Take a look at this video.  To someone who doesn’t know Sophie and Kibbles, they may think that they are engaging in aggressive behavior.  The truth is, however, dogs communicate in a number of sounds including barks, howls, growly noises, trills and yips.  As important as the noises a dog makes is their body language and eye positions.  Notice that neither dog has their hackles up.  Hackles are the hairs along the dog’s backbone start from neck to tail.  The semi-submissive behavior of Sophie flopping on her back and using her front paws to engage Kibbles also tells me she was just vocalizing and not being aggressive.

Kibbles, on the other hand, just looks a little confused.  At first he is tentatively engaging Sophie.  He is a puppy afterall!  As the video progresses you can see him getting more emphatic with his play.  At :55 or so the playfulness between the two changes.  Can you spot the difference?  One push too much from Kibbles sends Sophie into a more defensive growl and gives Kibbles a warning that he is being too boisterous for her.

I find the vocalizations of my dogs very interesting.  Bailey, for instance, trills a lot and whoos me.  She talks back a lot!  To the other dogs, she gives a lot of warnings to stay away from her tennis balls.  Viola, my elderlab, thinks that by barking at all the other dogs, they will get off the couch and let her take their space or, by barking at us we will read her mind as to what she wants! Phoebe, my yellow lab, is a groaner and a sigher.  She lets out the most satisfied groans when we scratch at the right place.  She also howls at sirens both in real life and on the TV.

What sounds do your pups make?  Do you recognize a playful growly noise as opposed to a warning growl?

Introducing the Fabulous Sophie, Sofa, Little, Sofa Beara – Dog with a Thousand Names and Pictures!

Sophie in her Evening Dress

Drama Sopie

Coy Sophie

Who me?

Au Natural

You Can’t See Me!

Holly Jolly Sophie

I’m Ready For My Close Up Mr. Demille

Eskimo Sophie

Jail Bait Sophie

Sophie is a seven year old Jackahuahua who thinks she’s all that and she is!  Her likes are any kind of food, wearing clothes, sitting on laps, eating food, and rubbing her face of bugs.  Although she is only 11 lbs (about 5 kilos for our European friends) she rules the big dogs.  Her favorite napping spot is on Viola!

Que bella faccia Sophia!

Who can't see their soul in those eyes?

Who can’t see their soul in those eyes?

On Saturdays you can usually find me at our local PetSmart taking pictures of the dogs available for adoptions through the rescue group I volunteer with, Mostly Mutts (  One of the volunteers had just been to the Cobb County Animal Shelter and picked up several dogs including this small brindle beauty they named Sophia.  At the time, I had Rocky as my foster but I knew he was getting adopted that day.  Since I was about to go out of town I didn’t want to foster until I got back the following week.  My husband tolerates the fostering — he loves on the dogs once they are at my house — but I am the doer of all things doggy!

Since I have four girl dogs in my pack already, I usually sign up for the boy fosters but as I was on my way to pick up this little boy boxer mix pup, I got a text message that he was adopted.  When I got to the adoption event I asked who I should bring home for my foster and every volunteer said, “Oh take Sophia – she is so sweet!”  I remembered Sophia from last week’s intake and she was such an unusual looking dog.  She’s about 29 lbs and we think some sort of Greyhound mix or maybe whippet mix.  She’s had a bought of doggie bronchitis and a runny nose but we have her on some super antibiotics that are making her feel better every day.

I’ve had her almost a week now and she’s not had an accident in the house.  She hasn’t made a single noise — even with my pack of crazy barking hounds reaping havoc around her.  She is totally non-reactive to their nonsense.  I want to call her Bella because she is so beautiful plus since I have a Sophie, it is very difficult to work on her knowing her name if I’m calling to Sophie and not Sophia!

Yesterday we did a fashion shoot while she was lounging on the bed surrounded by toys (which she hasn’t played with).  Here are a few samples from her fashion book!

What do you do with these things?

What do you do with these things?

Do I wear them on my head?

Do I wear them on my head?

I like the fuzzy sweater!

I like the fuzzy sweater!

Now this is more like it!

Now this is more like it!

I'm ready for my close up!

I’m ready for my close up!