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Whacky Wednesday Product Review — Bake-a-Bone — Except It’s Tuesday

Bake-a-Bone "As Seen on TV"

Bake-a-Bone “As Seen on TV”

Sometimes I am like a dog with a bone.  Literally.  I can’t help myself when it comes to “As Seen on TV” products so when I saw a special through Coupaw I had to have it!  I mean, who doesn’t need a dog biscuit maker?  The Bake-a-Bone unIt is very light weight and pretty easy to use.  You just plug it in and when the red light goes out and the green light comes on, you are ready to bake dog biscuits.  Plus it is shaped like a bone so you won’t confuse it with your panini maker or waffle maker!

The Bake-a-Bone brand also has come out with biscuit mixes that you just add water to.  That is what I used today for the maiden voyage of Bake-A-Bone, the Triple Peanut Butter variety.  In addition to PB, you have Cheesy, Bacon, Bare Bone, Snickerpoodle, Banana, Breathmint, and Thanksgiving.  All of these varieties can be purchased online at the Bake-a-Bone website but I was able to purchase my mix at PetSmart.  There was, however, only the Triple PB variety.Mmmm Triple Peanut Butter

Dump the mix in a bowl, add a cup and a half of water and mix thoroughly. I’m not a baker but I always hear bakers take about not over-mixing because you don’t want your dough to be tough so as soon as there was no loose flour on the bottom of the bowl, I declared the biscuits mixed!

The inside of the Bake-a-Bone is like a waffle iron but instead of a waffle pattern, you have four bone vessels.  I will admit that I have a couple of pretty ugly looking dog bones because I didn’t make sure the batter reached all the rounded edges of the bone and a few times I overstuffed the bone causing pieces to squish out over the bone shape but once cooked, those snapped right off.

Just like a waffle iron!

Just like a waffle iron!

The batter smelled very peanut buttery so if you or any of your two legged kids have peanut allergies, don’t buy this variety!  I looked at the ingredients and there was nothing listed that a human wouldn’t eat so I went ahead and tried some of the excess.  It didn’t taste as peanut buttery as it smelled but sort of tasted like a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat toast.  The package said that it made 24 dog biscuits and it did, but because I had used some extra batter in the beginning before I had the quantity right, the last two were barely full cookies.  Those are the ones I gave to Sophie!

After I finished baking the last batch (each batch cooks for eight to ten minutes) I unplugged the machine and let it cool for about five minutes.  Then I spritzed the surface with water and put a damp paper towel between the plates.  After a few minutes, I just wiped down the inside with the paper towel and it was ready to be put away.

IMG_1060All four girls gave it a paws up, five out five tail wags!  I give it a thumbs up because I can pronounce all the ingredients, the mix is very convenient and the machine was very easy to clean up.  Next I will have to try my own recipe for ginger pumpkin dog biscuits to see how they cook up in the Bake-A-Bone.

Yummy PB Dog Biscuit

Yummy PB Dog Biscuit