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Yellow Means Caution or a Sensitive Dog

yellowHave you heard of the Yellow Dog or Yellow Ribbon Campaign?  Originally created in Sweden, the official name is Gulahund™ Yellowdog.  It’s an easy way for you to identify your dog as one that needs a little extra space when around other people and dogs.  This doesn’t mean that they are aggressive dogs or mean dogs but it might mean that your dog has a medical issue and can’t be around other animals or that they are shy around strange people (or people who are strange…if that’s the case then I’m doomed!) or any number of reasons why a dog might be sensative.

Eva Oliversson and is the originator and founder of the Swedish International Gulahund™ program, which was launched in June 27 2012. She is also a certified International Dog trainer in Dog behavior and problem solving – also called a Dog behaviorist.

“If you can create the feeling of safe distance for a sensitive dog, that dog will get the ability to learn how to cope in different surroundings much faster,” says Oliversson. “If it’s able to succeed with your help giving extra space and feels good and secure at least 8 times of 10, the training will progress.”


The purpose of the program, by using a yellow ribbon or bandana on the leash or on the dog

  • Give dog owners the possibility to take extra care of their dogs that are sensitive in any way.
  • Prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • Give both dogs and their owners more space or time to move away from people and animals.
  • Create the possibility to slowly train a dog and by that make better training progress.
  • Make life easier for those dogs that for a shorter or a longer period in their lives, need more space from people and animals. Some dogs maybe for the rest of their lives, depending on the issue.
  • There are LOTS of reasons why some dogs need some more space! They may be ill, hurt or may be just old. They may have a new family or bad life experiences and need a greater distance to slowly train to cope with their new surroundings. A female dog may be in season. Another dog may be having “everyday training”.

How can you support?

Spread the word!  Click on the website for Gulahund and print out some of the Yellowdog flyers to distribute to your neighbors or at the dog park

Educate your children about the yellow ribbon and what that means.  In general I wish we educated children about greeting dogs.  I’ve had a few sensitive dogs in my past and just because they are cute does not mean that they are open to strangers (adult or child) petting them.